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Promotion of excessive paint boast
Updated:2011-03-23 11:37

A gimmick: a cracking function paints
         Editorial suggestions: Some manufacturers promote the cracking function and basic coating covering the subtle cracks in the function, the two can not be mixed about. Subtle wall paint sealing, crack one of its basic functions, but can not prevent wall cracking. The market does have a very thick elastic coating cracking paint, but difficult to use in the home decoration, and its cost is also high.

         For how to choose paint, consumers see paint in addition to the environmental protection of the outside should also be concerned about their physical properties. May wish to look at the time of purchase paint inspection report, on the ratio of alkali, the construction of these basic functions are very important, is to paint the cover ratio, if the coating is not strong alkali, paints a very easy time After the yellowing. The physical properties of these seemingly boring out the effect is guaranteed room decoration.

         Gimmick II: VOC paint does not contain
         Edit suggestions: VOC is a volatile organic compound, have a huge impact on human health. When the room reaches a certain concentration of the VOC, the short period of time people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc., in severe cases convulsions, coma, and will harm the liver, kidney, brain and nervous system, causing memory loss and other serious Consequences. Home decorating paint is used during a major source of indoor VOC. VOC contained less material, it becomes slightly against the human body. International Paint VOC interior wall paint in the content of the requirements are: not more than 200 milligrams per liter. According to Xiao Bian understand that if there is no VOC can not reach the national standard, with which to paint a variety of functions to mold decay.

         Gimmick III: Brushing the wall paint, scrub resistance levels can reach 2 million
         Edit suggestions: Some manufacturers market the number and crack publicity scrub functions are deliberately exaggerated. We can do an account balance, to scrub the number of terms, some of product promotion to reach 2 million times a day, scrub with a rag over the wall, only 3650 times 10 years, and 10 later, we often choose to re-paint Wall.

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